Hyrail simulations has done it again with the release of their third offering to Run8, The Fitzgerald Subdivision covers an area of roughly 200 miles between Waycross, Georgia in the south and Manchester, Georgia in the north. Also included are small portions of the Lineville Sub and the Manchester Sub for spawning in trains. Along the route many industries can be found, including 3 quarries found in the Northern part of the route near Brown Sand, a Car Cleaning in Fitzgerald, along with several wood chip and lumber facilities and many, many more. The route is primarily single track main with both bonded and non-bonded sidings with accurate signaling systems. The Fitz has three yards, Fitzgerald, Oglethorpe, and Manchester each with their own unique touches and backstories. This route is bound to be a favorite. Explore it for yourself by heading on over to Run8 Studios and picking up your copy today!