While I cannot Discuss Run8 currently, I will give you an Update on how things are going on my end.
Work on Fitzgerald Continues, currently the track work and signals are complete and working well, scenery is the biggest time killer right now at 45% done of the 223 miles, this will be almost all single track with sidings except for a double track portion at Mauk and Dyson GA, this is a very busy freight route so I think you’ll like it. Think Rollercoaster
I am also doing a scenery enhancement over the A Line and Waycross cleaning up and fixing issues that Version 1 presented, adding a lot of missing areas as well.
Future Route plans include extensions of the Kingsland Sub from Jacksonville to Fernandina Beach, the addition of the Baldwin Sub to Lawtey, Finish the A Line to Tampa (separate routes) and extend up to Savannah on the A Line
So Run8 officially is alive and well and any rumors of vaporware are just uninformed rumors.
Posted on HyRail Simulations Facebook page 1/8/22 02:37 pt Jason Webb