The UP\SP Lone Pine Branch starts at the Main 2 Switch just north of Mojave Yard, heading northeast across Highway 14. This branch originally ran for about 150 miles to Lone Pine, CA. In the early 1980's, the Southern Pacific Railroad filed for abandonment of roughly 100 miles from Searles, CA, to Lone Pine. Since then, this branch is only about 50 miles in length, running between Mojave Yard and Searles Yard. Between Mojave and Searles, there are a few industries served at Chaffee, Cantil & Saltdale.

This branch was also known as the: 

  • Jawbone Branch
  • Searles Branch
  • Owenyo Branch

The Trona Railway operates between Searles Yard and the town of Trona, CA, roughly 30 miles inlength. Searles Yard is used as an interchange between the UP\SP Railroad and the Trona Railway. This line serves three mineral mining operations that operate next to Searles Lake (a dry lakebed) near the towns of Trona and Argus, CA.

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