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Run8's 8th update for version to has released. Below a change log can be found. A SJVR GP 40 can also be found in the update

To download the update visit the Run8 Studios website.

Update 08 (Version 05.22.2019)

  • Adjusted the Host network code to mitigate a condition that would sometimes cause manual-switches to take a long time to actuate for a user
  • Fixed a network inefficiency regarding CTC switch & signal updates, thus reducing the network load a bit
  • Fixed dynamic-brakes operating when the Reverser wasn't in FWD or REV
  • Added several new AI Spawn Points on the west-coast routes
  • Baretable container-cars now properly experience less wind-drag than when loaded with containers
  • Signal code-correction for NORAC signals
  • Added corrected textures for the windows of the CE11 and C509 Cabeese

BNSF San Bernardino Sub Sub

  • Hobart Yard: Fixed the mid-yard dwarf signal so that it displays Restricting when its switch is thrown

BNSF Bakersfield Sub

  • Fixed a sometimes-naughty signal at Calabrese, WB Main 2
  • Fixed Sunmaid Xing, WB, Siding-exit signal not being “Absolute”
  • Fixed naughty eastbound signal link at Wasco (west-end) when the signal was set for the siding
  • Fixed naughty grade-crossing road plates by Sunmaid Crossing
  • Fixed naughty grade-crossing gates at Calwa Crossing
  • Fixed naughty EB Signal at Calwa Crossing M1 xover to M2
  • Fixed AI not recognizing the EB Main 1 signal at WE Bowles
  • Fixed naughty yard track at Calwa Yard towards the west end

BNSF Mojave Sub

  • Added missing DS switch icon for the branchline switch at CP Gomez

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