With the addition of the Arvin Branch by Run8 adds approximately 17 miles of branch line from Magunden to Arvin, CA passing through the towns of Lamont and Digorgio along the way. This branch was mainly agricultural in older times, with numerous packing sheds for potatoes, carrots, citrus, and other produce. In more recent times, for business or political reasons, large surcharges were added for railcars shipped from points beyond Lamont, effectively killing the southern half of the branch. Most produce these days is trucked to other facilities, such as Edison, for loading onto railcars. 

In addition to the 17 miles on Arvin an additional 8 miles can be found heading west out of Mojave, The Oak Creek Branch runs between the Wye at Mojave, CA, and a CalPortland cement plant located in Creal, about 8 miles west of Mojave. The grade is 2% and greater uphill westbound. The branch is