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The following is a change log for Update 7 for Run 8 V2 - to get the update Click Here

  • Distant Terrain for the southwest-US region was re-processed and re-indexed to make future projects simpler. Overall visibility was also increased some
  • Fixed single-unit mid-train DPU locomotives from turning on their headlights
  • Fixed bug that would cause Baretable trains to AI-Spawn with containers when any of the car-filters were applied
  • Fixed issue where locomotives that were turned off would still show oil-pressure, RPM, etc.
    • Modified SD70 MFD Screens to show “Engine OFF” or “ENG. START” on the first page and on the Locomotive Monitor page
  • Fixed issue with inconsistent locomotive tag coloring regarding fuel level:
    • A red tag now indicates low fuel
    • A green tag now indicates full fuel
    • Partial fuel indicates at varying shades of yellow
    • Car tags remain the same: green for unloaded, red for loaded
  • RailDriver and Alerter tweaks: Some guys were reporting that the Alerter, when using the RailDriver, would never work (ie, it was constantly resetting). This was mostly due to slight user mis-calibration of their RailDriver, however, the following tweaks to the code have been made to further mitigate miscalibrations or signal noise:
    • Refactored the TrainBrake lever so that it will only reset the alerter if the ER changes
    • Refactored Indy-Brake and Dynamic Brake levers so that they will reset the alerter only after the lever has moved a certain amount since the last time
    • Unrelated to the Alerter, we've applied a programming tweak as suggested by PI Engineering that should prevent a condition that caused some units to
      have crackling\static from the speaker.
  • AI Traffic Generation of Mixed-Intermodal Trains
    • Reefer and Autorack cars have been added to the Mixed-Intermodal category
    • If no Filters are set, the algorithm will randomly decide if it will be mixed with autoracks, pigs, or reefers; otherwise, it will be mixed with whatever cars the user has designated
    • The algorithm will randomly decide if the container-cars will be at the front or the back of the train. The train will be blocked according to car-type
  • Fixed math mistake that would cause the occasional switch-frog to misplace
  • Added avatar attach-points to the following cars:
    • BNSF TrinCool 72 (platform-end only)
    • ARMN TrinCool 64 (platform-end only)
  • Adjusted car-spawner logic at railroad-xings to correct a couple of problems
  • Cars shouldn't get stuck on the tracks as much
    • They now wait for the Gates to raise a bit before driving thru
  • Fixed a Crash-Condition regarding the auto-deletion of corrupted trains

BNSF San Bernardino Sub:

  • Added missing block-icon at Mission Tower
  • Fixed a blocking issue regarding the UP diamond at Mission Tower
    • Note: It is still up to the DS to properly route and clear trains here! Don't be silly and clear two opposing trains across the diamonds and then complain that they run thru eachother; AI can only do so much...
  • Fixed AI not minding the UP absolute signal eastbound past the Mission Tower diamond at Yuma Jct
  • Fixed an incorrect track speed at the green-boards at Santa Fe Springs eastbound Main 2
  • Fixed a dark-signal indication at the intermediate signal (19.4) approaching CP Arlington to cross over Main2 to Main1 (added missing signal head)
  • At CP Alhambra, westbound, if the two handthrow switches are lined into LATC, you can now get a Restricting
  • Fixed xing gates activating when they shouldn't at Norwalk, Los Nietos, and Pioneer roads
  • Fixed a slow xing gate at Center St
  • Fixed signal at CP Riddle not dropping to red when trains occupied the BNSF mainlines (same with the southbound signals at the other end of the diamonds)
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow GCOR Absolute Signals to be forced by the DS to Restricting if a handthrow-switch was thrown against the desired path
  • Added Passenger-stops to the list of excuses used when AI's report stopping
  • Removed a couple of log-items that were useless for the end-user and causing spamming of the log
  • Fixed GE MFD showing a gross\net-HP value even though the engine was off
    • NOTE on Gross HP vs Net HP:
      • Gross-HP is basically total HP at the crankshaft of the diesel
      • Net HP is the HP that actually makes it to the rails after mechanical, electrical, and hotel losses There is not a single loco in the world that can put crankshaft-HP to the rails; the laws of physics get in the way. You lose power as heat when mechanical energy is changed to electrical energy in the main alternator, and then again as it's changed back to mechanical energy at the tractionmotors. Most locomotives lose 10-20% of their power simply to heat, it's just the way the universe operate.

Mojave Sub (in preparation for the BNSF Bakersfield Sub):

  • Fixed some terrain issues in UP Bakersfield Yard
  • Fixed some terrain issues on the BNSF from Kern Jct thru the BNSF Yard
  • Changed some track speed limits and signs between Bakersfield and Lopez
  • Some scenery adjustments west of Bakersfield Yard
  • Corrected some mistakes regarding BNSF station-names:
    • “Bakersfield” is actually the crossover next to the Yard Office
    • “W Bakersfield” is the west-end of Bakersfield Yard, Main 2 only
    • “Gomez” is just west of W Bakersfield
    • “Jastro” is now in its correct location, the crossover west of Gomez
    • The DS Board has been adjusted to show these changes. You can also use the Shift-F8 function to see the track-tags for these location.

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