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Hyrail Simulations has released an update for their popular Waycross Route. The update can be downloaded from Hyrail's website.

Change Log CSX Waycross Update 09.07.18:

  • Adds the following:
    • Scenery between Ruskin and Manor
    • Scenery at Ace Pole (between Waycross and Homestead)
    • Scenery at Blackshear spur (Blackshear)
    • Scenery at Gilman Bros (just north of Blackshear)
    • Milepost numbers between East Waycross and Manor
    • Milepost numbers between South Waycross and Bolen
    • More lighting on the trim end of the bowl and on pull down tracks
    • Car spawner at West Waycross gated crossing
    • Car spawner at Manor GA
    • Car spawners between Bolen and Waycross
    • Adds missing crossing gate north of Jamestown Holdout
    • Adds crossing gates at West Waycross 
    • Adds crossing gates at Manor

  • Updates the following:
    • Scenery between Rice yard bowl and Ruskin

  • Fixes the following:
    • Several block occupancy issues between Jesup and Waycross
    • Hand throw switches not dropping signals between Jesup and Waycross
    • Hand throw switch not dropping signals south of Bolen
    • Several crossing gates clipping into the train on BW freight lead.
    • Terrain issues south of Bolen
    • Terrain issues south of Jamestown Holdout

To download the update visit HyRail Simulations

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