Run 8 Studios released update #6. With the new update the heritage units will attempt to spawn with their prototypical number. The new update fixes some issues that arose after the latest update, such as the incorrect track speeds being set for Amtrak and other trains. For a complete listing of changes see the change log below:  

  • El Programmerdero made a small mistake in Update 05 causing Amtrak and other trains to be assigned the wrong track-speeds, which is now fixed
  • KCS SD70ACes, since they're not actually a one-off Heritage Unit, are now available for AI trains
  • Heritage SD70ACes will now attempt to use their actual real-life Number if it's available in the world; if not, then they will be assigned a different number
    • For now, AI Trains will not be randomly assigned Heritage Units (except for KCS as mentioned above)
  • Corrected a bug causing the WP GP40-2 locomotive's attach points not to be set correctly (ie, you couldn't climb them)
  • Corrected a bug that sometimes caused the wrong Max AI Spawn Time to be set
  • Corrected a bug in the Ctrl-L Switch List window where if cars were re-tagged, the industry names sometimes wouldn't reflect the re-tag

To download the update visit Run 8 Studios website