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As requested by the community Run 8 has developed two new rolling stock packs

Open Hopper Pack 2

This pack includes three Bethgon Tub Cars in BNSF, UP (CMO), and SEMX Seminole Electric Cooperative liveries. The pack also includes three Wood Chip Cars in CSXT Family Lines, GPSX Georgia Pacific, IFRX Infinity Rail LLC Leasing Company.

It can be purchased on the Run 8 Studios website for $10.00

Plastic Pellet Cars 

This pack includes six different liveries; AMCX, ACFX ElRexene Plastics, ACFX American Hoechst Plastics Division, BPRX, ETCX, KCIX ARCO/Polymers.

It can be purchased on the Run 8 Studios website for $10.00



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