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Update 5 has been released, included are a number of fixes and the foundation for the added rolling stock and loco motives. The update can be found on the Run 8 Studios website Below is a change log. 

Update 05 (Version 07.17.2018)

  • Maximum number of AI Trains allowed has been increased from 80 to 120
    • Only affects Host or Single-Player  Note: Performance can and will decrease as more AI Trains are added into the world; nothing in this world is free...
  • Fixed the Caleb H. Crash-Condition when entering multiple new Hump Configs in the Hump Configuration Menu
  • Open-top cars (such as open-hoppers, centerbeams and gondolas) now have more resistance from wind-drag when empty. There was a bug in previous versions that caused the wind-drag to stay the same regardless of load condition
  • Added a few seat positions in the following Amtrak Superliner cars:
    • Lounge (upstairs)
    • Coach-Baggage (upstairs)
    • Coach (downstairs and upstairs)
  • Found and corrected a condition that would cause the sim to crash before reaching the Main Menu when there was a corrupted AutoSave INFO file
  • Adjusted code so that AI-generated Consists will not use Heritage locomotives
  • Adjusted RH MFD screen on the SD70ACes to prevent flickering of the upper-RH corner when rolling
  • Fixed a network condition where Industry Configs wouldn't send properly due to having too many industries in a Region. This mainly affected the SouthernCA region after the addition of the San Bernardino Sub (LA)
  • Industry Config now has options for the following car-types:
    • PlasticPellet_Hoppers
    • Woodchip_Hoppers
  • AI Generated Trains can now be configured for Unit Bethgon coal trains
    • CSX for now only uses the SEMX cars
    • BNSF for now only uses the BNSF cars
    • UP for now will NOT use the BNSF cars
  • Fixed the SD70ACe locomotives riding too low
  • Fixed a condition where axle-clank sounds wouldn't play properly on switches
  • Fixed the following Refueling Points not working properly:
    • Barstow Inspection Yard (east and west end)
    • UP Yermo Yard
    • UP Bakersfield Yard
    • BNSF Needles Yard
    • UP East LA Yard
    • Amtrak Redondo Jct Facility
    • BNSF Commerce Diesel Facility
  • San Bernardino Sub Fixes (see note at top!):
    • Fixed naughty block-detector at Yuma Jct on the Alhambra Sub that would light up when a train was on an industrial siding around MP499
    • Fixed various signal issues including:
      • SP J Yard lined to 4th St Yard
      • Malabar Branch onto BNSF Mainline: For simplicity, this signal will now show Restricting. It's a relatively short block to the next signal

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