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Run 8 has released Update #4 for V2 Today. Below are a list of changes

  • Adjusted the threshold PSI/Second reduction-rate necessary to trigger the
    Emergency-Application Valve; this solves a minor issue reported about
    inconsistent emergency-application dump behaviour. (Since the customer who
    reported this is from Australia, I've added the extraneous “u” to the word
    “behaviour” in his honor)
  • Corrected a crash-condition null reference that sometimes occurred during
  • Fixed two code mistakes with NORAC signals regarding non-dwarf MediumClear
    and LimitedClear aspects (for the Selkirk and Mohawk routes)
  • Fixed a code mistake regarding the rear trucks of the SD40 Tunnel Motors
  • Fixed another possible cause of the random loss of Simulation Settings when the
    program exits
  • Fixed issue with humped-cars slamming too hard into bowl-tracks that are close to full

An update was also released for the Selkirk/Mohawk Region which addresses track, signal, and scenery issues. 

You can find both updates on the Run 8 Studios Website

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